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We at Reign in Blonde have a new feature we are debuting on the site today: an interview series with some of our favorite people in the metal community, appropriately titled THE BR00TAL TR00TH. If you are a metal blogger, photographer, DJ/VJ, roadie, merch dude, etc., and would like to get probed by two cool chicks, please send us an email at:

For our first edition of THE BR00TAL TR00TH, we have targeted fellow blonde & bad ass, Noa from Metal Injection to discuss her favorite music, hot metal dudes, video games, and of course, those other monstrous beings of the MI clan.  You can listen to Noa on the Metal Injection Livecast every Friday @ 10pm.

Where are you from? How did you get involved with Metal Injection?

I was born in Israel and moved to Brooklyn when I was 7. I met Rob in High School and I met Frank, Sid and Darren in college. We all became really good friends through our college radio station and that is really the only thing I appreciated about that school. Five years ago we were sitting around one night toking off the ganj when we came across this public access show that was showing a metal band playing live. The live footage was just damn awful and all you could hear from the interview was background noise. In a cloud of smoke the idea of Metal Injection came about, we all thought we could do it better and we were sick and tired of bands not getting any outlet for their music. This was before Headbanger’s Ball came back or sites like Youtube. So we asked labels if they could send us videos and we created comedy skits to fill time in between. Frank laboriously edited the 30 min episodes for our 3am Brooklyn Public Access timeslot.

So how many people misspell your name on a daily basis?  Did all of the clever 3rd graders used to sing “Who Built the Ark?” at you?

Everyone spells my name wrong. Except the barista dude at Starbucks, he spelled my name right on the coffee cup and he doesn’t even know me. I was shocked, then I remembered I paid $4 for coffee and became angry again. I don’t talk to kids, they frighten me. Adults however always ask me if I have an ark. I say yes.

Are you a natural blonde?

Um. Let’s just say whatever is left of the carpet…doesn’t match the drapes. hahaha.

Do you support a person’s right to get baked during work hours? Does it increase productivity?

I support the right that supports a person’s right to make their own choices when it comes to bodily harm or pleasure. It never makes me more productive…

What three bands could you not live without?

This is a tough one because the way that I listen to music changes with the seasons. I always find myself going back to one of my roots, Pantera; Dime was a guitar god, whoever said you need to play extra fast and million notes needs to reconsider their musical foundation. He could change my pulse with a simple note bend at the right time. He was music itself. Kamelot is always in the shuffle. Hey what do you want? I am a girl…I find that music enchanting. I also definitely can’t live without Moonsorrow, especially during the winter, I like the imagery the music gives me of northern frost, bearskin cloaked warriors and white snowy forests. It’s fantastic.

On Wednesdays we do a feature called Wussy Wednesday.  What’s your favorite non-metal music? Who do you like to wuss out to?

My favorite non-metal music is contemporary Jazz. I’ve been studying with this amazing Jazz guitarist who expanded my musical horizon. I love music that’s outside, I totally geek out to altered chords. I love Pat Metheny, Chic Corea, Michael Brecker etc. But I don’t want to scare away the brutal and necro metalheads that visit your site so I would nominate the Alex Skolnick Trio for Wussy Wednesday.

What band would be your dream Metal Injection interview?

Not so much a band, my dream Metal Injection interview would be with Marty Friedman and actually it wouldn’t even be an interview but more of a guitar lesson. I just hope he wouldn’t expect me to pay for it. I’m such a Jew… I’d love to hear about his days with Jason Becker, if Jeff Loomis really did try out for Cacophony and if he’s willing to take me back with him to Japan.

What kind of crazy stuff do those Metal Injection dudes have you do behind the scenes? What’s the dirt on them, anyway?

It usually varies. I am the keeper of the studio and what that means is that they usually turn my house upside down for episode shoots. I’ve gotten to take photos, do interviews and help out with whatever they need. I also produce the Metal Injection Livecast, a weekly live talk podcast that I do with the guys. The most dirt is in Rob’s buttcrack. Frank is pretty clean. Darren likes to eat Schwarma and innoculate the room with his torpedo farts…and Sid, well he really hates Cynic and I really hate him.

Who are the hottest dudes in metal?

Oh man, I am totally gonna girl out on this one. Jon Schaffer is a hot mofo, Isahn, Alexi Laiho, Peter Wildoer and the dudes in Elvenking (inside Livecast joke!).

Is it true that you and Dave Mustaine have a little ‘thing’ going on?

Yea if by ‘thing’ you mean nothing… it’s true.

Who would you rather…Dio or Ozzy?

Past or present? If we’re talking about present I’d rather the guy who doesn’t use autotune when he sings on Jimmy Kimmel Live. It’s ok we know you’re old and we accept you. At this point it doesn’t matter.

….Dr. Wily or Robotnik?

Don’t even get me started on that Dr. Wily. I’ve been stuck on the final level of Mega Man 3 for the last 5 months. I didn’t want to look up how to beat him online …but figures the most useless suit would beat the game.

Do you have a favorite woman in metal?

Yes I have a few actually. I love Kimberly Goss from Sinergy, Elisa Martin ex-Dark Moor, Dreamaker and Fairyland and Simone Simons from Epica.

As a more fashionably inclined female in metal, is there anything absolutely awful that you see people (particularly guys) wear at shows that is just a strain to your eyes?

Me? Fashionable? If only my mom could hear this. Honestly, the only thing that I can’t stand at metal shows is when guys wear those big raver pants, but I try to avoid shows that bring that crowd out. I can’t get enough of leather, denim, sweat or hair. I really try not to judge people by what they wear but by the band name on their t-shirt.

If you were stuck on a desert island with the whole Metal Injection family, and you had no food…who would you eat first? Why?

I would eat Sid, because he seems the most tender.

The most important question of all….Baldies or beardos?

I am with Julia on this one. I love my men grizzly.

Who else in the metal community do you think we should grill?

I don’t think it’s right to eat humans. But just make sure you season well if you’re really gonna go for it… oh wait? did you mean grill as in ask questions? I say Ian Christe. That guy knows everything about metal. His book Sound of the Beast quelled my morning rush hour train ride for a good 2 weeks. He writes about the most obscure bands and metal happenings on his He is a metalhead with a metal job that’s not a band and I admire that.

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